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I combine creativity, technology, and user-centric thinking to create impactful experiences for people. Portfolio:
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With the capacity of today’s smartphones, it’s no wonder how people can easily have over 100 apps on their phones ranging from utilities (i.e. weather apps, maps, Google assistants) to social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) to games. Living in New York City while waiting and taking public transportation you’ll see 70% of the travelers on their phones, either texting, watching videos, on social media, or playing games. Accessing videos or social media or even texting can get a little tricky when riding the subway — especially when you’ve hit the dead spots and you have no service. …

In 2004,, a high school social networking site, was founded by Joesph Presbrey, a junior at MIT at the time. When Sconex was first created, Facebook was already in circulation but was exclusive to college students. Presbrey created Sconex after a an inspired conversation between his collaborator, Jaward Laraqui, and his sister about her inability to access Facebook because she was still in high school. Thus, Sconex was born.

Sconex was made with high school students in mind with some added features that mimicked college life. Sconex users were able to connect with friends from school, make friends with…

21st Century Mr. Piggy

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“Ping, clank, ping” — the familiar clashing sounds of metal and ceramic echoes in a child’s room. If you listen carefully you’ll hear a swish as folded paper is pushed down a small 2 inch slit right before it makes a small “thud” sound as it hits the bottom of the ceramic object shaped like a plump pig. A curious child picks it up and shakes it with vigor — the result, a musical clash of ping, clank, ping and swish just before a loud thud and shattered pieces spread across the wooden floor —…

By Melissa Nguyen

Once upon a time, my floor was covered with nothing but crumpled paper.

So much in fact that I could’ve built a few 5 foot sky scrapers.

It wasn’t until I managed to get my hands on an iPad Pro and pencil last year,

That my digital lettering life took off in full gear!

With just a few seconds with my new toy,

My inner child was jumping around and filled with nothing but joy.

I exclaimed “Procreate! I cannot wait to download!”

There were so many possibilities this program could bestow!

Your interface, so easy to use,

And the…

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